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Author of the Yugas


The yuga’s 24,000-year cycle explains not only the mysteries of the past, but the present and future as well. The rise and fall of ancient civilizations, humankind’s passage through the dark ages with its worldwide destruction of knowledge, the rebirth of knowledge driving our present technological civilization, and the promise of an improving future become clear when seen through the lens of cyclic change in human awareness and abilities rather than Darwinian-evolution. Through that lens, we’ll take a fresh look at Gobekli Tepe, astounding Sanskrit, the purpose of the Great Pyramid, the cause of the Renaissance, and today’s New Age. You’ll never look at history the same way again.

Joseph Selbie is known for creating bridges of understanding between the modern evidenced-based discoveries of science and the timeless experience-based discoveries of the mystics. He studied ancient Western and Eastern history and archeology at UC Boulder and UC Berkeley. He is the author of The Yugas, a factual look at India’s tradition of cyclical history, Break Through the Limits of the Brain, how neuroscience supports spiritual experience, and The Physics of God, a unification of science and religion. In 1975 Joseph became a founding member of Ananda, a spiritual movement inspired by the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. A dedicated Kriya yoga meditator for nearly fifty years, he has taught yoga, meditation, and universal experiential spirituality throughout the US and Europe.


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