Craig Marshall • CPAK MC

Former Monk; Expert on Yoga and Higher-Age Mindfulness

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Walter Cruttenden

Director of Binary Research Institute; Author of Lost Star of Myth and Time

TOPIC: Competing with Caltech: Is it a Planet or a Star?

Dr. Carmen Boulter

University of Calgary Professor; Author and Researcher; Director, Producer, and Writer of The Pyramid Code

TOPIC: Sacred Cosmology of Ancient Egypt: An Interactive Virtual Tour

Robert Edward Grant

Polymath and Discrete Geometric Analyst

TOPIC: One is the Only Constant

Alistair Coombs

Kent University Professor; Archaeoastronomer, Prehistoric Esotericism Researcher

TOPIC: The Prehistoric Zodiac

Chris Dunn

Engineer, Author

TOPIC: The Great Pyramid Gives Up More Secrets

Alan Green

Best-Selling Author, Musician & Composer;
Shakespearean Cryptologist

TOPIC: A Midsummer Night’s Lucid Dream

Andrew Collins

Science and History Writer, Author

TOPIC: The Genesis of Cosmology: A Legacy of the Denisovans?


Esoteric Researcher, World Traveler, Author, and Filmmaker

TOPIC: The Esoteric Wisdom & Sacred Science of the Ancient Maya Mystery Schools

David Mathisen

Author, Astro-Mythologist

TOPIC: The Ancient World-Wide System: Stars, Myths and Recovering Your Self


Joseph Selbie

Author of The Yugas, speaking on the ancient Indian cycles of time

TOPIC: Dwapara Science
Emerging New Theories Could Explain Yukteswar’s Prediction

Dr. Stephen Lin

Dentist, Speaker, and internationally published author

TOPIC: Re-Writing Human Physiology with Dental Anthropology & Quantum Biology

Robert E. Grant & Alan Green • CPAK BONUS PRESENTATION

“Decoding da Vinci” – The Vitruvian Man

Loren Stocker

The Holy Science – The Rosetta Stone of Our Time
This interactive session will overview the wisdom of the Holy Science, the Thory of the Ages, and the Four Stakes of Knowledge